How Hawaiian Weather Can Damage Your Auto Paint

Living in Hawaii is a dream. Moderate temperatures all year long, plenty of sunshine, and a refreshing rain shower at least once a day. Couple this with the salty, sea air, however, and you have a recipe for trouble when it comes to your car, crossover, SUV, or truck’s exterior paint job. Kauai Auto Repair, LLC, can help. Keep the following problems in mind that other states only have to worry about in the spring.


The warm weather of spring introduces pollen into the air on the mainland, but we have warm weather all the time and pollen constantly blankets our automobiles. Pollen may seem as if it is harmless, but the orange and yellow particles can scratch and stain your auto paint. Spray it off gently using low pressure on your water hose. Keep your vehicle waxed, too, for a protective coating against the pollen.


We have a lot of trees on Kauai and warm weather encourages them to flower and release sap. If you’ve ever had sap stuck on your car, truck, or utility vehicle, you know you cannot get it off without damaging the paint. Once it dries, it locks onto the paint and laughs at soap and water. Avoid sap by parking away from trees. If you prefer to park under a tree or must, cover your vehicle with a quality cover.


You know where we’re going with this so let’s just get into the discussion of what is in bird poop. Uric acid is in bird droppings and this is why they eat through the topcoat and paint on your car. It doesn’t take long for the bird doo to damage your vehicle’s exterior, so it’s important to wash it off right away. Keeping a fresh coat of wax on your automobile will also help protect the auto paint from the poop bombs.


Guess what? Bug bodies are acidic, too, and you cannot avoid driving through bugs in Hawaii. We’re known for our bugs, but they’re a small sacrifice to pay for living on our beautiful islands. Regular washing to remove the bugs and waxing to protect your vehicle from them will reduce the chances of paint damage, so take good care of your vehicle’s exterior.

Take care of the rest of your vehicle by bringing it to Kauai Auto Repair, LLC. You’ll find our full-service automotive shop in Lihue, HI, and you can set up a maintenance or repair appointment by contacting us today.

Photo by AndreyGatash from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro