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check engine light

Kauai Auto Repair, LLC is where automobile owners go when they need to test their check engine light in Lihue. Drivers in Lihue and all of Kauai have discovered that our highly knowledgeable auto mechanics are true leaders in the auto repair industry. The Owner of Kauai Auto Repair, LLC, Angel Santiago III, has been interested in auto repair since he took a pre-college automotive class in high school. The good news is his team shares his genuine interest in auto repair work.

Check Engine Light Lihue Kauai

If your check engine light comes on, it should not be ignored. Even if it’s just a minor problem, it’s your job as a responsible car owner to be mindful of getting auto repairs when necessary. All of our auto mechanics at Kauai Auto Repair, LLC are ASE-Certified and have been doing check engine light repairs for years. We’ll do a very thorough inspection and determine the root of the problem. The environment at our facility is relaxed and comfortable. We’re a tight-knit team that feels like family and our customers start to feel like family as well. Whether it’s a lit up check engine light or another component of your vehicle that’s malfunctioning, we’ll offer you honest and accurate service and get you on your way.

Here’s a recent 5-Star review from a client:

“Excellent, professional service” Fixed a very difficult electrical problem that other repair places weren’t able to do. I will use them for all my repairs. They are the friendliest and cleanest auto repair shop I’ve ever seen. Very competent and professional, and reasonably priced.” — Tom A.

Check Engine Light Service Near Me

When automobile drivers in Lihue and all of Kauai need check engine light repairs, they choose Kauai Auto Repair, LLC. Our professional ASE-Certified auto mechanics are incredibly capable and the best in the region. Clients in the area have made us their premier choice for Lihue check engine light repairs because we continue to prove that our auto repairs and customer service can’t be matched by the competition. Contact us if you have any inquiries or wish to schedule an appointment. Kauai Auto Repair, LLC is located at 1629 Haleukana St. Lihue, HI 96766.


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