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Alternator Replacement

Many electrical problems such as lights dimming or flickering, headlights are becoming less and less effective. Even trouble starting the car can often be due to problems with your alternator. A strong alternator plays an important part in the running of your vehicle by constantly providing electricity to keep the numerous electronics in your car powered. Providing that constant power to your battery, and in turn, keeping the lights on is no easy task.  Eventually, the alternator wears down. At that point, getting an alternator replacement is your best choice to keep your vehicle in top condition. It's important to trust this service to the right shop, and that's Kauai Auto Repair. We have knowledgeable ASE Certified technicians and over a decade of automotive experience. With the right tools and state of the art equipment, you know that your vehicle is in great hands. When your mechanic is wearing the ASE patch and works here at Kauai Auto Repair, don't expect to get to know him. You won't be back in a long time! That's because our ASE technicians do the job right the first time.

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Alternator Repair